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In the past few years, designing fancy and modern bathrooms has become one of the people’s desires. As bathrooms can help people relieve their stress, it would be better to own a luxury bathroom to make this happen. Here we collected top bathroom ideas in 2021 to bring beauty to your house. Follow this blog to figure these ideas out.


1-Bathtubs & Open Showers

Expanding bathroom size is a fantastic idea for 2021. Indeed, every household is fond of own an ample space to remodel it with stylish ideas. Their desire is for bathrooms too. With ample space, you can apply many bathroom remodeling ideas to make your dreams come true.

Big Bathtubs

Homeowners deserve a place to let their hair down and to be able to relax. What better than a bathtub which can be a fantastic relaxation for people. The more space they have, the bigger their bathtubs could be. Make sure you choose a bathtub your place can accommodate without overcrowding.

Open Showers

Slipping over the tub edge has been one of the household’s anxiety. But with open showers, you do not have to worry anymore. It also increases your bathroom size while providing you convenience. However, some may feel this design has no privacy; others may enjoy their space and view.

2- Back-Lit Mirrors

According to Houzz, 77% of households install new mirrors for their master bathroom renovation, choosing lighted models. As Linda Lang, senior designer at Robern, explained, “Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets are an exceptional choice for modern bathroom design.” these shapes can be decorative and functional simultaneously.

This effect can be useful to create a focal point or highlight textured wall surfaces behind the fixture.

3- Bathroom Plants & Bathroom Decor Ideas

One main look for a luxury bathroom is its warm and stunning surfaces and polished fittings. Humidity-hungry houseplants are great ideas for making your bathroom stylish.

Ow-maintenance plants such as the Snake Plant or houseplants that require more attention like the Peace Lily can boost your space’s charm.

Also, other decor ideas could be useful to spread happiness into your space. These items should reflect your personality and preferences. First, pay attention to the colors; they should be attractive and also relaxing. Therefore, choose these items based on your interest to have your dreamy bathroom.

4- Colourful Bathroom

Colorful bathrooms offer a new way to express every individual style and personality. Trend colors for bathroom design in 2021 are gold and black. Their combination is a trend this year, while it doesn’t mean you have to choose just these two colors. For example, blue has gained a 95 percent increase in website searches in 2021, according to Drench. Green and blue could also be great for bathroom colors in the current year. For example, colorful basins are popular options for this year without painting the walls or adding wallpaper. To highlight your color scheme, you can match your basins with towel sets.

5- Marble Surfaces

Marble surfaces make the bathrooms bright and luxurious and go well with any design style, whether you choose a modern style or a traditional one. Try adding neutral marble with gold features for an eye-catching look or leafy green houseplants such as eucalyptus or ferns for something more natural and colorful.

6- Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the most famous natural materials for bathrooms. They are resistant to scratching and staining and easy to maintain.74% of designers picked quartz as their baths’ material based on a study of  NKBA 2021 bathroom trends report. Quartz countertops are a strong trend because of their full of light and warmth.

7-Floating Sinks

The popularity of Floating sinks has cause bathrooms’ looks to boost in functionality and aesthetics. So, they are great for designing modern bathrooms. Also, they are great for small bathroom ideas because they maximize space.

Small Bathroom Remodeling

8- Industrial-style Showers & Taps

High-end hotels used more industrial-style bathroom features than in the past in 2020. It means they will be the trend for 2021 for luxury bathrooms.

Moreover, the brushed brass shower system has been a unique material to use in this category.

This industrial look isn’t just about showers. Consider adding a similar industrial-style item to create a unique look for your bathroom.

9- Glass Shower

glass showers have become one of the top trends for 2021. They have become the essential element in every luxury and modern kitchen. With minimal design, you could make your bathroom elegant by adding a neutral color to its wall. Also, they are perfect for small bathrooms as they make your space bigger.

10- Medicine cabinets

Medicine cabinets a great and cheap way to add storage to smaller bathrooms. They are practical to store your medicine and cosmetic products if you look for styles with mirrors. In this case, they can also become a makeup or shaving cabinet instead of having more than one for each purpose.

In conclusion:

There you have it—10 best bathroom ideas for 2021 to make a modern and luxury bathroom.

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