Landscaping12 best small backyard landscaping ideas in 2021

The unity, balance, emphasis, scale, simplicity, variety are the principles of small backyard design, which are intertwined. Always, it is a great idea to consult with an architect or a landscape designer to find out the potential of your outdoor space. Then, an expert can guide you to select your style, depending on who will use the small backyard. Besides, you can have a special zone for different activities, such as a pool for swimming.

What can help you to make a small yard look bigger is incorporating terraced landscaping. It designates spaces and carves out more space for plantings. You can have a lower wall as a bench seating.

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There are some diverse solutions and designs for small backyard landscaping in the following:



1)   Islamic-designed Courtyard


In this style, a large water basin is installed at the center of small backyard landscaping. A courtyard was designed by Green Tree Garden Design in which a water feature is placed in one corner and a new summerhouse in the opposite corner that you can see from the seating area of the courtyard. They use plants that offer various colors and scents.


2)   Historic backyard

There is a historic house in German Village in Columbus, built in the 1800s by German immigrants. Since 1959 it has been preserved and revitalized. Jacob Grant Design transformed the concrete pavers and oversized iron table. He divided the space into two areas: a dining area and an outdoor living room. To create intimacy and structure, he surrounded the area with boxwood and hornbeam hedges. He tried to use similar material to the historic house, so the spaces consist of brick and bluestone.


3)   Container Garden


For the small yard landscaping, it is one of the ideal choices. You can add low bowls, tubs, pots, and wooden boxes when you don’t have enough outdoor space and good soil.  In addition to growing flowers, many herbs happily grow in pots such as Chives, Basil, Thyme, so that you can put them in a proper place like outside the kitchen door.


4)   Vertical Garden


When your backyard is so small that you can’t grow your garden vertically, a wise decision is a vertical garden. With wall-mounted flower pots or stack crates, you can increase your greenery consisting of succulents, flowers, herbs, or even vegetables. This lets you have more space for seating and other small backyard landscaping features.

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5)   Spanish Gardening Style

Lawns have been popular and undoubtedly cover the backyards’ ground for decades. However, this trend has changed as the drought happened in California and other dry regions and forces the homeowners and the landscapers to find an alternative for lawns. In San Anselmo, California, the solution was a bungalow, an old Spanish-style, and suitable for a small backyard. In this style, you replace the grass with creeping thyme and any other possible low-water plants for covering the ground.  A new Arizona flagstone pathway was designed and added to that space.

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6)   Small Backyard With Barbecue


You can have a custom bench in the 1,500 square feet backyard. Vertical planting is also a good feature for your small backyard landscaping. You can put a fire table and built-in barbecue in your backyard to make it more practical.

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7)   Stone Path


A good idea for your small yard landscaping is building a stone path.  Pathways and walkways are extremely impressive or attractive. So, to highlight some of your favorite elements in your landscape, you can use stone pathways. Besides, their surface often anti-slip, the excellent character that makes it an excellent choice for the yard.


8)   Use Small Furniture

Bulky furniture takes a lot of space from your small backyard landscaping. If you want to have the best benefit of your tiny yard, you would better stick with small pieces of furniture. The ones with see-through patterns would be the perfect selection for your place, as it lets your eyes travel further. For further information, please read the blog about doable design for DIY outdoor furniture.


9)   Use Your Garage To Store Items

Try not to overwhelm your small yard with storage bins and a clunky shed. Instead, keep the children’s toys and outdoor equipment in your garage. The result will be satisfying as your property will look larger.

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10)   Texturize Your Small Backyard

You can add interest to your small backyard landscaping with layers of planet and garden features. So, this has the same eye-catching effect for the homeowners with limited space in the backyard. You can have the best selection with coarse Canna lilies, wispy ornamental grasses, and delicate cosmos.


11)   Small Backyard in Toronto

This is a low-maintenance backyard with limited space which is beyond your landscaping in Toronto, Canada. It consists of composite decking, artificial turf, a small fiberglass pool, and a horizontal fence for privacy.


12)   Bluestone in Brooklyn

A famous landscape designer, Amber Freda, designed a small backyard in Brooklyn. He aimed to create a place for relaxation and entertaining. So, it developed a bluestone patio for this tiny backyard. What makes the small patio landscaping great is custom horizontal planter boxes. Freda used ornamental grasses, Japanese maple, and sweet potato vines for gardening.


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