kitchen remodeling12 Tips You Can Do Today to Make Your Kitchen and Dining Room Combo Look Larger

Do you lack the space for a formal dining room? That’s OK. It doesn’t mean your dining room and the kitchen can’t be functional, beautiful, and well-designed just because it shares a space with your kitchen. When it comes to decorating small rooms, every detail matters.


You can truly make a space appear larger by strategically placing a few well-placed items and making clever design choices. Color schemes, furniture placement, mirror placement, and imaginative lighting design can all deceive the eye and make your kitchen and dining room combo appear much larger than they are.


In today’s article, we’ll look at some kitchen dining room ideas for getting the most of your area.



What is a Kitchen Dining Room Combo?


In general, a kitchen dining room combo is a room in a house that functions as both a kitchen and a dining room. In small homes and apartments, kitchen and dining rooms are frequently joined as a space saver. The dining room could also be connected with the living room in some homes and apartments. For example, suppose it is part of a studio apartment. In that case, there may be no architectural separation between the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bedroom.


Think Function Over Form


When decorating a small dining room, it’s critical to prioritize function over form, which means that how you’ll use a piece of furniture should take priority over its appearance. This can help you avoid cluttering your area with items that don’t serve a useful purpose, as well as selecting furniture that looks fantastic but isn’t appropriate for the room you’re furnishing. Before choosing a piece of furniture based solely on its appearance, think about how it will be used daily and blend in with the rest of the furniture in the space.


Use contrasts and light colors that make rooms look bigger


Here’s how to use color to make a dining room appear larger. (Hint: It’s an illusion and trick of the mind.) Light paint colors are well known in the design world for making a room appear larger and brighter. Light and brilliant walls reflect more light, making a place feel open and airy and maximizing the influence of natural light. Conversely, dark colors absorb light and make spaces feel smaller. Another option is to use accent walls to make a room appear larger. Accent walls offer a splash of color to the room without becoming too dominating.

So, which colors make a space appear larger? Use soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens for the best effect, and remember that brighter areas feel bigger and more inviting. And here’s a bonus tip: Use a lighter hue for your wall trim and moldings than you do for your walls. As a result, the walls will appear to be further back; as a result, making your dining room seem even larger.

To learn more about coloring your home, please read this blog post.


Maximize your room arrangement

Adjust the size of your furnishings to fit the space. Larger pieces of furniture should be placed against the walls to maximize open space and make the room appear larger. Also, avoid cluttering walkways. A room will appear tight if furniture and accessories restrict the view into it.

The longest straight line in any room is the diagonal. Therefore, the eye is drawn along the longer wall when furniture is placed at the right angle.


Create a focal point


Draws the eyes by establishing a focal point in a single place.  That’s most likely the bed in the bedroom. In our case, it’s the table in the dining room. . Make that focal point the room’s star. Then, arrange the furnishings to draw attention to that spot and keep the rest of the room’s décor to a minimum (limit the number of accessories).


Open up your space with creative lighting


Natural light brightens a room’s interior and makes it appear larger. If you have access to natural light, this is ideal. But don’t be discouraged if you don’t. Lighting fixtures can be used to create some unique effects. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference one tiny change can make.

If you have access to natural light, bringing it into your home through expansive windows will quickly connect the interior to the outdoors, allowing you to expand your space. To get more light in, use sheer window coverings or draw them back completely. Put plants or flowers near the windows if the view is poor, and use lighting to brighten your dining room.


Take Advantage of Mirrors


Combining a kitchen and dining area, especially if you have a tiny space, can make the space appear cramped and cluttered. Wall mirrors are a terrific method to use, making any room feel brighter, airier, and more open (the same principles apply to your dining room). Arrange mirrors adjacent to light sources or across from windows for the best results. The light from the windowpane can add depth and aesthetic appeal to the area, while light can make it appear more lively and spacious.


Opt for an Open Floor Plan


With good cause, the move toward an open kitchen has been one of the most popular trends in home design over the previous decade. By removing the kitchen wall, this homeowner gained extra cooking space, dining space, and a more open and inviting environment. This type of kitchen makeover may typically be done for a reasonably low price. Yet, it can make your dining room and kitchen combo appear more spacious.


Save Space with a Storage Table


Using a storage table to conserve space is one of our favorite small kitchen table ideas. Saving space, especially when dealing with a kitchen dining room combo, can be critical to the room’s style and functionality. With storage tables, you can make the most of the same amount of room. In addition, storage tables may help keep your space tidy and valuable without compromising design, whether it’s a counter-height table with built-in cabinets or a tiny kitchen table with drawers. Find out more about picking the right cabinet for your remodeling project.


Don’t Waste Wall Space.


Don’t let the empty walls in your dining room go to waste. Instead, turn them into a chance to start a personal library. Whether you go for built-ins or just a few freestanding bookcases to get the aesthetic, you’ll appreciate the extra storage and style.


Use an Area Rug to Divide space


It’s easier to visually separate a room when you’re dealing with an open floor plan or trying to establish various zones inside a smaller space. Using carpets strategically is an excellent method to do this. For example, even if it shares walls with the kitchen, a wide rug under a kitchen dining table can give the eating area a more distinguished air. Remember, Balance is essential, so while you might want a carpet to make the dining area stand out, you may want to use colors from the kitchen to help tie the two spaces together.


Add geometric patterns


Geometric patterns are currently quite popular in art and interior design. For example, geometric patterned tablecloths, rugs are perfect for a small kitchen and dining room combo since they can create the illusion of more space while also making your kitchen look like it came straight out of an interior design magazine.

Patterns can add interest to a tiny kitchen, but don’t go overboard; too much pattern can make a small area appear cluttered and chaotic.

Geometric designs can attract the eye vertically or horizontally. For example, subway tiles in cities can create the impression of opening up even the tiniest space. The solid black lines that run between the subway tiles generate the sense of a larger kitchen.

If you can’t replace your kitchen tiles, a geometric floor runner can help you get the same look.


Use see-through elements

Your kitchen and dining room combo will appear larger with an unobstructed physical and visual path. Your eye will continue to view through the space rather than coming to a sudden end if the sightlines in your kitchen are kept open.

This look can be achieved using clear plastic seats, floating islands and bar surfaces, backless barstools, or glass pendant lighting.


Above all, could you keep it simple?

It’s all about editing in little places. A room will feel cluttered the more objects, possessions, and patterns you have in it.

The mainline is that you must be strict with yourself (in fact, this principle applies to all places) and cautious about what you bring into the dining room. Keep the rest of the space simple if you opt with the wallpaper accent wall.

Kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming at times. But our team of skilled craftsmen can provide a breathtaking kitchen remodel built to last a lifetime. If you are ready to schedule your in-home consultation, please contact FBR Construction, and we will match you with the best-fit Kitchen Designer based on home design style and needs.


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