Kitchen Storage15 Tips that help you Organize Your Kitchen Storage This year

If you’re running out of kitchen storage ideas, it’s time to fix up the cabinets, drawers, and island with a few space-saving modifications. Reimagine those nooks and crannies, and you’ll uncover an untapped wealth of counter space. We’ve chosen the most elegant and strategic kitchens we’ve ever seen. So, whether you’re planning a remodeling day or just looking for a fast DIY project, we’ve gathered a complete list of kitchen storage tips to help you organize your kitchen storage this year. Some are easy, and others aren’t. Either way, it’s an excellent place to start your journey towards better kitchen storage.


A Convenient Spot For Cleaning Supplies

What a dream it would be to have all of your cleaning materials in one place! Most of my cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink (an area we’ll discuss in a moment); I have to store brooms and mops in the hallway closet among jackets and parkas since they won’t fit anywhere else. This simplifies cleaning by putting everything in one place, and it makes use of the wasted area at the tight end of your kitchen cabinets.

Home For Unwieldy Baking Trays

If you have an extensive collection of baking supplies, a drawer is ideal for storing trays and racks of various shapes and sizes. It spans the whole depth of the counter, allowing you to keep big cutting boards and baking sheets in its built-in slots. As a result, you’ll never have to sift through bulky heaps of baking pans to find the one you need again.

To The Ceiling And Beyond

Why waste the storage potential of high ceilings, especially if kitchen storage is scarce elsewhere?

There are several kitchen cabinet options to select from, and they may be created floor-to-ceiling with custom glass doors or open shelves or glass doors, depending on what works best for your area.

High cabinets are great for storing devices or tableware that you don’t use or require very often.

With a bespoke kitchen designer, you would be able to build floor-to-ceiling units that provide maximum storage. In general, I urge customers to install floor-to-ceiling cabinetry only if they have high, lofty ceilings.

A Place For Spices

If you’re bothered by counter clutter, chances are you’d prefer to store spices, oils, and other cooking ingredients in a cabinet. However, because these products are so regularly utilized, it’s inconvenient to have to pull them out each night when you’re preparing supper. What is the solution? those fantastic concealed compartments that are hidden behind the counter and fit in well with the backsplash

Under-The-Sink Drawer

Most homes have a cabinet beneath the sink, but I prefer the concept of a drawer (why isn’t this a thing?). Instead of struggling with bottles of cleaning solution from under the sink’s pipes, you could push the entire drawer out to reach anything you require. If remodeling your kitchen to add a drawer isn’t a possibility, you may get a similar effect by installing a sliding organizer beneath your sink.

Organize Food Storage Containers

Is it only me that has a pantry full of towers of Tupperware? It’s pretty tricky to move a single container in or out without causing everything to collapse, which is why a slide-out storage system is so beneficial.

In kitchen cabinets, vertical dividers allow lids to lie flat, allowing extra space. Additionally, this organizer extends forward, so you won’t have to dig in the back. For larger cookware and appliances,

A Hidden Space To Hang Your Pans

Some people enjoy displaying their pots and pans in the kitchen, but I prefer to hide mine. If you’re in the same situation, a handy slider is perfect for storing pans without nesting them (which can lead to scratches). You only need a slide-out organizer with hooks!

Use The Space Above Cabinets For More Kitchen Storage

Things that clutter your countertops may often be stored on top of your wall cabinets. Put something on top of your cabinets if you don’t use it every day. Put any decorative items that were previously on your counter there as well. You can now keep your kitchen looking nice while also having additional counter space. Depending on what you place in it, it may also give some height to your kitchen, making it seem much more spacious than it is.

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Right Sizes of The Appliances = More Kitchen Storage

Try not to fall in love with any appliance when renovating your kitchen. Allow the size of your appliances to be determined by the available space. Getting the wrong item might sometimes jeopardize your storage and preparation space. When you have a tiny kitchen, you must be careful about what you purchase. Keep in mind that smaller appliances are less expensive than larger ones.

Consider installing built-in appliances to reduce clutter. For example, consider if you require that extra oven or microwave. Installing an essentials-only selection of equipment not only saves space but also makes planning your kitchen layout easier.

Kitchen Island

To maximize your kitchen storage space, consider adding a kitchen island. Islands may be added at any moment, as long as your kitchen has enough room. Some pre-built islands (such as those found at large home furnishings stores) allow you to adjust the arrangement to suit your needs. Examine your appliances carefully and select a location where you can store and utilize them without moving them. Consider a stand mixer lift as one of the most excellent upgrades you can make. It’s not only hidden, but it also rises to counter height when you need it. Hello, additional counter space.

Zone Different Areas For Kitchen Storage

Consider your space separated into zones for distinct tasks, with sufficient storage for each zone and a comfortable feeling of movement throughout the room.

For example, in bigger rooms, a dresser on a wall between the kitchen and dining areas may connect the two zones while also offering crockery and cutlery storage next to the dining table and access to a dishwasher, which could be incorporated into an island nearby.

Save Space With Curved Kitchen Storage

Curved cabinetry provides functional storage while taking up less floor area than square-cornered components.

‘The kitchen island is frequently a swarm of activity, with cooking, eating, work, learning, and play all focused around it,’

it is critical to consider both interior and external solutions. Many variables of your kitchen design might influence the size and style of your kitchen island. You can choose integrated bench seating, additional knee room for helpful kitchen seating ideas, or construct a unique circular table if you have the space.

Light Up Open Storage Units

When lighted with smart kitchen lighting ideas, well-crafted kitchen storage ideas may become highlights in their own right.

Lighting them, whether with downlights in open shelves, lighting inside cabinets, or accent lighting from the ceiling or walls – is one method to indeed attract attention to them.

No More Chairs = More Kitchen Storage

Chairs surrounding the dining table might be lovely, but they aren’t necessarily practical. Bench sitting is a terrific alternative to standard dinner seating since it seats each individual independently and is spread away. In addition, they make the most of the available space by letting people sit closer together, providing additional seating options.

Many benches include storage below the seats, which significantly increases storage capacity. In addition, a more communal atmosphere is created by replacing seats with benches around the dining table. Finally, your benches might be considerably comfier than chairs with the correct cushions and upholstery.

Many firms will construct benches to your specifications, allowing you to ensure that they blend with the rest of your design. Are you not ready for benches? Use ottomans, which give abundant storage space as well as comfy seats.

Think About How Much Kitchen Storage Do You Require

Before starting a kitchen remodel, it’s usually a good idea to have a thorough cleanout and take stock of your kitchen items to know how much you need to keep.

A pantry or larder, for example, should be next to your fridge and freezer, making it quick and easy to unload items. In the same way, china and cutlery should be kept close to the dishwasher.

Think about how you will use the space and how any children and guests will, too.

Storage for glasses and frequently used goods should be kept away from the main cooking area so the cook can work undisturbed. A dedicated breakfast cupboard away from the central kitchen and next to the dining area is becoming increasingly popular.

Final Words on Kitchen Storages

Finally, sometimes there is nothing you can do to gain extra storage; in such a situation, we recommend that you fully remodel your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling can be overwhelming at times. But our team of skilled craftsmen can

provide a breathtaking kitchen remodel built to last a lifetime. So you can enjoy your beautiful new state-of-the-art Kitchen. If you are ready to schedule your in-home consultation, please contact us, and we will match you with the best-fit Kitchen Designer based on home design style and needs.

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