Bump-out4 Amazing Benefits of Bump-Out Addition VS. Full Addition in 2021


An excellent alternative to a complete addition that is costly is adding a bump-out addition. Bump-out is a reasonable answer to the old conflict of space and money. The dream of many homeowners is to add more space to their homes which has substantial benefits. Apart from getting more space, the value of the property will increase.

You build an entire addition when you want multi-room space such as a living room, bedroom. This could blow your finances. If your budget is tight and does not need much space, the good improvement would be a bump-out. You can expand your kitchen or bathroom with little space.


It would be great to ask a contractor for this complex project, although it is a few square feet.

Based in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, CA, FBR Construction offers a comprehensive list of home remodeling services, including cost-effective bump-out additions. Our specialist in FBR Construction can help you to build a bump-out.

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      Size of Bump-out Addition

Extra space is called bump-out when it is far smaller than a complete addition. Generally, it is not as big as the size of a room addition. We describe you two school of thought about bump-outs:

Full Rooms

Michael Litchfield, a home renovation writer, has a book named “In-Laws, Out Laws, and Granny Flats.” He defines bump-outs in his book. He explains that they should be essentially in-law-suites like full rooms, and you can find them attached to the house.

Smaller than Rooms

Mitchel Litchfield also adds another definition in his book “The Complete Guide to Room Additions.” Here, he considers a bump-out room as an addition to an existing room. This addition is smaller than a room.

As you see in the above definitions, there are no standard rules to make a bump-out in terms of size.


  •   Common Features for Bump-outs Addition

    • Tiny 2 feet bump-out:

You can find bump-out as small as pop-outs which have less than 2 feet deep

    • Cantilever bump-out addition

In General, small bump-outs are cantilevered. It means that it is not supported by posts from the house. Usually, foundation walls or footing are required for the extending part.

    • Not Require HVAC

You will not require an additional heating or cooling system for bump-outs.

    • Lean-to roof

Rather than extending the existing roof, bump-outs have shed-style or flat roofs.

    • Minimal exterior changes

Bump-outs don’t change the exterior of the house due to their small size. They often joint seamlessly with the main structure of the house.

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  •   How Can a Bump-out Add Significant Space?

If a bump-out would have 2.5 feet from the house and would have 20 feet wide, it would add 50 square feet to the home. Compared to the entire house, this would not be considered as a major space-maker. This extra 50 square feet would only add 3 percent to a 1650 square-foot home.

However, the small rooms are the ones that bump-out would install there. For example, when 45 square feet bump-out is added to a 150 square-foot kitchen, it receives a 30-percent boost in space.


  •   Where can you use bump-out additions?

Bump-outs are designed to enhance an existing room as they don’t create full rooms. The primary purposes of bump-outs are:

  1.       A window seat will be added
  2.     You can install a bathtub in a bathroom that already has a shower
  3.       To add extra space to your kitchen and make your counter bigger, or install a kitchen island.
  4.     For the dining or breakfast area, it will provide additional space.

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  •   Bump-out addition Cost

The total cost of a bump-out addition is cheaper than a full addition. Besides, the main price is on a square-foot basis. The fee includes initiating the project, permission for pulling, making drawings, opening up the side of the house, asking an electrician to move the wire, and so on. Some works are the same as those you need to do for full additions, just on a smaller scale.

The price is varying based on homeowners’ desires and position.

According to some reports, the typical price for a bump-out is:

– About $17000 for 2ft. * 10ft. bump-out

– About $30000 for 4ft. *10ft. bump-out

– About $30000 for 6.5ft. * 28ft. bump-out

– About $5000 for a 2ft. bump-out in the kitchen

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  •   Instruction to build a bump-out addition


1)  Evaluate The Area For Bump-out Addition

For avoiding additional structural consideration, the bump-out would be better to be limited to just one room. Generally, ground-level bump-outs cost less than the upper level. This is because the foundations of ground-level can rest on the ground. It is also possible to cantilever the foundations, which means the structure will extend horizontally, without any below support. The additional support from below the bump-out is required for upper-level bump-outs. It is also possible to be a cantilever. It would be best to consider that the cantilever would limit the depth of bump-outs to two or three feet.

2)  Expand Bump-out Addition Plans

For creating the best plans for your bump-out, it would be great to consult with a contractor or an architect. Take care of how the house will open into the bump-out. Indeed, many homeowners are looking for a large opening, often about the entire width of the bump-out.

3)  Apply for permits

It requires building permits for any work that opens up the side of the house or adds to the home. Plumbing and electrical work also need extra licenses.

4)  Temporary Support Wall Installation

Near the exterior wall, inside the room, you can build a temporary fence of studs. When the existing outer wall sections are removed, this temporary wall acts as ceiling and any upper floors supporter.

5)  Foundation Creation

Footers and foundation walls must be built on the ground for bump-out additions. For example, the foundation wall could be made up of poured concrete or concrete blocks.

6)  The Optional Cantilever Flooring

On upper levels or even small ground level, you can install bump-out additions from the side of the house with a cantilever. Generally, the cantilever can extend just a few feet.

7)  Open Wall

Remove the drywall and exterior siding, exposing to studs, after shutting down the electrical circuit.

8)  Moving or Removing Plumping and Wires

Bathroom or kitchen sinks, showers, or baths require plumbing. You should cut or re-route the electrical wires that run through exterior walls.

9)  Header Creation

When the wall is removed, a header of LVL laminated wood should be installed in place of the wall.

10)  Walls and Subfloors Building

The height of the studs’ wall should be specified. The ceiling of many bump-out additions remains lower than the attached house’s ceiling because of the width of the header.

11)  Roof Building

A lean-to-style roof can be used to build many small bump-out additions. You can find this roof higher than the opening to the house.

12)  Adding Siding, Drywall, and Insulation

After all of these steps, fiberglass or spray foam is used for insulation. After this, drywall would be installed over the insulation. The next step is priming and painting.

13)  Adding Finishing Touches

To finish your work for bathroom bump-out addition, you should install tile or resilient flooring.

You have more options for kitchen bump-out additions. For example, you could use durable materials like tile and vinyl flooring. Another option could be laminate flooring or engineered hardwood flooring, defined as a DIY project.


No matter what sort of home remodeling solutions you might be looking for, you can count on FBR Construction Remodel Team for high-quality craftsmanship and courteous, professional service. Whatever you need a bump-out for, FBR Construction can help you to build it. We also provide roof replacement and remodeling services.

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