Blinds and Shades5 Main Differences between Window Shades VS. Window Blinds of Window Treatment in 2021

When you want to decide to buy window shades or window blinds, you may be wondering what the main differences are between them. Therefore, it could be overwhelming to decide how to invest in the right window treatments. It is expected that the shoppers use these window shades and window blinds interchangeably. However, they are two different categories, although both protect against sunlight that can shine through windows.

Generally, window blinds are known as hard window coverings made with horizontal and individual slats. In comparison, window shades are window coverings made up of single panels of woven wood or fabric. Both windows covering functionality perform perfectly, but you can significantly find differences in price, operation, style, and other features of these two options.

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How to Decide between Window Shades and Window Blinds?


There are several factors that should be considered to choose between window blinds and window shades. Some of them are listed below:

  • Light Control + Privacy

  • Insulation

  • Price

  • Cleaning

  • Durability

  • Style

  • Child Safety

  • Installation


  • Light Control + Privacy

There are different ways that window blinds and window shades fulfill light control and privacy needs. Generally, window blinds are such window coverings that can be raised and lowered. You will have an unobstructed view when the window blinds are up. When the window blinds are down, you can control the light by rotating the slats.

On the other hand, window shades are made of single panels of woven wood or fabric. Their options are restricted to open or closed. However, it is possible to let in the natural light by choosing a light filtering fabric, although your windows are covered for complete privacy.

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  •  Insulation

If you choose specific windows covering, it can stop your home from losing energy.

For keeping out the outside temperatures, a window blind is not a good choice. But among the window shades, a model named Cellular Shades is specially designed for this purpose. This product has little pockets (think beehive) that trap hot and cold air to insulate your windows. This makes it excellent energy efficiency.

  • Price

Among window shades and window blinds, it is hard to say that one is more expensive than the other. However, prices can vary when you look at specific styles. Generally, window shades have both higher and lower costs than window blinds. For example, you can find an essential roller shade for as little as 20$ per window. On the other hand, a roman shade with a high-quality fabric and motorized lift could be more expensive. In addition, window shades can be more costly than window blinds, as they are available in more custom options.

You can get a high-end look for less because the window blinds are available in fewer custom options. Meanwhile, a window blind would be available at a lower price than a window shade product at an equivalent level.

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  • Cleaning

With a soft cloth and furniture polish, you can wipe down window blinds easily. At the same time, you can use the brush attachment of the vacuum or even warm water to lift away dust. Be aware that for any severe grime, you should ask for professional cleaning.

Window blinds will be the better choice if your window treatments are in high-traffic areas. Window blinds are also more practical for the mess made by pets and kids.

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  •  Durability


Window blinds hold up to wear and tear better than window shades because they are made up of PVC, wood, and aluminum. So be careful while deciding to use window shades in high traffic areas like a door. You should know that passer-by could snag them.

  •  Style

In most of the new homes, the essential white window blinds become standard. However, window blinds, as well as window shades, can give you a high-end look. For example, it would be great to try stained wood blinds or roman shades in the luxurious fabric while decorating a formal dining or living room.

If you want your window to state the background, the best choice would be a roman shade or roller shade in a colorful print. The variety of fabrics is up to 100s, which can help you find a pattern to match any space.

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  • Child Safety

We suggest you choose window coverings without accessible cords if you have kids at your home. Generally, the style of most window blinds is not suitable for small children. However, it will be perfect if you select a cordless or motorized lift for roller shades or cellular shades.

You can read more about safer window treatment options.

  • Installation

There are many styles for window shades so that the installation process can vary between them. In other words, you can find the same bracket for all window blind types. Mainly, both window blinds and window shades are easy to install. Even you define it as a DIY project at home.

First, you should choose the type of window treatment you like after deciding if you prefer an inside mount or an outside mount setup. Both inside and outside mounted window blinds and window shades have mounting brackets included.

To walk you through the whole process, offers you great instructions and video guides.

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