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Well-designed kitchen islands can completely transform not only your kitchen but also your house to be outstanding. Kitchens aren’t just places for cooking anymore. They are the heart of every home, the gathering spot that makes members satisfied. Therefore, considering a perfect kitchen design is essential for every household to boost their home value. As one of the top construction companies in Orange County, we are an expert in any kitchen, bathroom, and home remodeling.

Check out our unique ideas that are functional and elegant enough for a kitchen with an island in 2021.

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Why Choose a Kitchen Island for Your Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen cabinets have many unique benefits that make them a magnificent design for the kitchen.

To be specific, kitchen islands can be an excellent addition to any house as they create a functional kitchen. For example, a space for socializing, an extra work spot, and additional storage to keep kitchens neat and organized. Also, to draw attention to specific items in your kitchen, islands are great options.

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The Best Materials to Use for Kitchen Islands

For kitchen islands, there are many materials you can utilize. No matter which kitchen style you have, modern, rustic, or any other design, there are ideal materials that would perfectly fit your design. But the most popular ones are:

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartzite
  • Butcher Block

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Amazing Kitchen Islands for Kitchen Renovations in 2021

Each year, stylish kitchen designs change according to people’s interests. So, for choosing the best kitchen decor for your next renovation, you should know trendy kitchen islands for 2021.

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1- Kitchen Islands with Storage

By designing storage for kitchen islands, you could make your kitchens organized. These storages should be not just for decorative items; they can be for books, magazines that bring a beautiful look to your house. For small kitchen ideas, islands on wheels with a garbage area would be perfect. It includes not only garbage but also additional storage that fits for small kitchens.

2-Double Kitchen Islands

By creating two islands, you will own more counter space in your kitchen. Indeed, one island plays a functional role that can include a sink, dishwasher, and perfect food prep area.

The second island allocates to eating and entertaining. It could be a spot for bar items and relaxing after preparing a meal for your children to help them do their homework while eating delicious snacks. Double islands provide some kitchen cabinets features too. They offer more storage and give you extra rooms for appliances like wine fridges.

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3-Use Wood in Your Kitchen Islands

One of the trendy choices in 2021 would be using woods in your kitchen. Why not use this material for your kitchen islands. Do not overthink; hardwood would add class to your island.

Also, creative hardwood seating options provide quirky charm in the kitchen. There are various wood colors suitable for this year, such as gray, white, or black. So, do not restrict yourself to just brown.

4-Antique Kitchen Island

An antique island gives a second life to a kitchen. For example, If you enjoy a romantic look, a beautiful kitchen island like a piece of antique furniture would be perfect.

The first things everybody notices in kitchens are the colors and textures. Antique islands involve specific details that spread feelings that you love. A kitchen island doesn’t have to be labeled a kitchen island; if you find attractive or interesting items, you should use them. As a result, this allows you to create a unique design that nobody has thought of.

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5- Colorful Kitchen Islands

This kitchen design should be bright and fun. Add a few colors to your white kitchen. Using blue, green, or red is a trendy combination in 2021 with white and grey. As a result, these islands allow you to have fun and spread a playful air to your daily life. Do not fear to choose various bold colors, but if you are too scared, think about applying colors to small items such as chairs or storages.

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In conclusion:

Here you are! Five fantastic ideas for kitchen islands in 2021.

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