Renovation6 Attractive Home Renovation Trends in 2021

Last year, because of the pandemic, we were all locked down in our homes and had a new experience. So there is no surprise that the number of renovations has increased. Many homeowners have been on a quest to perfect their homes, from painting to kitchen makeovers. There is research by GoodMove that shows about %48 percent of homeowners made some improvement. The latest home renovation trends include low maintenance, energy efficiency, and double-duty space.


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There is a survey which is done by TD Bank, which shows that more than one-third of Canadians have a plan for home renovation. But what exactly would people like to upgrade? We ask our best industry experts and favorite designers to find out what are the home renovation trends this year? Scroll down!



1)  Kitchen with Multi-zone

Baking banana bread was a trend at the beginning of the pandemic. This is over now, but people are still in the kitchen. As people go less to the restaurant, it means that they spend more time in the kitchen. So what they would say about many cooks in the kitchen: we require more space!


Multi-zone kitchen as one of the home renovation trends is the answer to this request.Nowadays, homeowners are looking for a cooking space that gives each person his room without dead-ends. The usual solution for this purpose is installing a large kitchen, where you have the possibility of prepping, chopping, or even serving your delicious banana bread at the same time.


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2)  Bathrooms Like A Spa

What we are looking to have in 2021 is Zen vibes. Where could be the best place to find it? Of course, you can have it inside the home. Remodelers try to bring the Spa to home because, at the moment, it is not possible for homeowners to go to the Spa. So what are the bathroom remodel ideas for 2021? What should they install in the bathrooms? The main items are:


  • Freestanding soaking tubs

  • Bidets

  • Big rain showers


Everything is ready for you to enjoy your Spa. Just bring your candles and a glass of wine.

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 3)  Home Office Corner

The demand for remote working increases in the post-COVID world; therefore, more and more homes require a makeover for this purpose. “It could be a transformation in the available bedrooms or adding an addition to the house in an empty land,” says Christian Adams, CEO and co-founder at Repair Pricer. “The main focus is creating spaces that have dual functionality for work and living, such as built-in furniture. This kind of furniture can easily hide away or be used for storage and work. In addition, to create a calm environment for your work, it would be great to improve sound insulation in the existing walls.


“Predictably, people want a unique workspace, so they put more time and effort into it. This will help them increase their concentration, productivity, and motivation,” says Jing Xue, the co-founder of DecorMatters.

Generally, some items have a significant effect on your mental and physical state. So it would help if you have a concern about the location, decoration, colors, and furniture of your space. It is proven that bright light makes people happier. What makes people focus better is ambient sound, and your productivity can decrease because of poor air quality.

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4)  Extending the Indoors into the Outdoors

Neither winter nor pandemic will last forever. When vaccination will be over, it would be safer for people to gather in small groups, primarily if held outside. This makes the outdoors more valuable than before. Homeowners like to have the outside as big as the inside. Remodelers try to make these ideas with water features, summerhouse, fire pit, or outdoor kitchen. Now the backyards have become at the forefront for many people.

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5)  Upgrades the Walls

The more significant part of the home reno trends is making visual upgrades since we spend all of our time at home. Until today, walls never were the stars of so many virtual meetings. Remodelers have new ideas beyond a fresh coat of paint. They offer you floral wallpaper, textured finishes, blank walls, and large-format tile, becoming eye-catching built-ins. According to the experts on Houzz, large-format tiles can make a small space seem more prominent, so they become popular, and the demand increases drastically.

Are you choosing large rectangular tiles for your bathroom? Houzz senior editor Mitchell Parker recommends using matte finish tiles for the bathrooms, as they are slip-resistant.


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6)  Wide Windows

Homeowners like more light this year. After several months of sunless winter, now we are at a time of warm weather. Sunlight is the key to boosting your productivity. Besides, it helps you to stay in a positive mood. That’s why the focus on windows has increased considerably. As a result, windows renovation is at the top of the home renovation trends for 2021. In addition, new lighting can also be helpful: wall lights in the kitchen, backlighting in the bathroom, or a contemporary chandelier in the entryway. Indeed, this year is going to be brighter.


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