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Kitchen color combination is one of the most critical topics about kitchen remodeling. Every new year, the new color of the year is introduced with it. This color of the year can also affect the color of your kitchen. Undoubtedly many of you would like to follow the modern kitchen color ideas in designing your kitchen decoration and have an up-to-date and stylish kitchen. This article introduces you to 6 of the latest kitchen color schemes that are very popular in 2022, which you will surely fall in love with, so do not miss this article.

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1. Yellow and gray: color of the year

kitchen color combinations

The first kitchen color combination we are talking about are yellow and gray, which are the colors of 2022. If you are a fan of vibrant colors like yellow, combining it with gray will make an attractive combination for your kitchen. You can use matte gray cabinets and glossy yellow cabinets to use this cabinet color combination. You can also choose gray cabinets and make the walls and the space between the cabinets yellow.

Yellow usually brings a sense of warmth and movement to the kitchen, but it is better to use it as a mix with other colors in the cabinet to show its beauty. Do you think this kitchen color combination cannot be one of the best colors for 2022?

2. Pastel colors

kitchen color combinations

Funny pastel colors are bright colors that can easily harmonize with other colors because they are close to neutral colors. Pastel colors, which have recently become popular in fashion and clothing, have also entered kitchen decoration and be used for the color of kitchen cabinets.

For the kitchen, you can use a pastel color for the cabinet color and fill the space between the cabinets with patterned inter-cabinet tiles. You can also use patterned tiles for the kitchen floor, which becomes a lovely combination with pastel-colored cabinets.

Light and neutral colors can make your kitchen space look bigger. If you have a small kitchen, we suggest using more bright and neutral colors. And also, a bright kitchen can transfer a lot of energy to the people living in it!

3. White and wood combination: simple and natural

kitchen color combinations

You must be aware of the miracles of white color in kitchen decoration and you know that white is a wonderful color that is very stylish at the same time. Most importantly, white with any other color makes a great kitchen color combination. One of the colors that you can use in combination for the color of the kitchen cabinets is the colors with natural wood tonnage. Since there has been an attempt to bring humans closer to nature in recent years, the use of natural colors such as wood will be of interest to nature lovers.

The best way you can use this color combination is to choose wood cabinets at the bottom and white cabinets at the top to double the work’s appeal.

4. Use colors with red tonnage

kitchen color combinations

Everyone can’t choose the red colors for the kitchen. But maybe red is good for adding spirits to your kitchen.

Each shade of red has its characteristics and features. They can work great with neutral and metallic colors such as silver, gold, and copper, which is one of the modern kitchen color schemes and it can make your kitchen beautiful and stylish.

Be very careful when using red. With all its special features, this color, if placed next to the wrong colors, reduces the beauty of a kitchen. So, if you want to have a red kitchen, it is better to consult an expert in interior design.

5. White and green: a juicy and lively combination

kitchen color combinations

We said that white goes well with other colors. One of the colors you can use next to white is green. Green symbolizes vitality and brings a sense of freshness to your kitchen. You can use green cabinets and a white kitchen island to apply this cabinet color combination, or choose white cabinets and use a green cabinet.

6. Combining black with metal: modern and special

kitchen color combinations

Black is unique for kitchen color schemes widely used in modern kitchens. Make your kitchen special by using handles, accessories and metal items such as steel or bronze.

This color combination of kitchen cabinets, which will be very popular in 2022, has a significant advantage, and that is that dark cabinet like black need less cleaning than light cabinets, so it makes cleaning the kitchen easier. Of course, there is also the fact that there must be enough light in dark kitchens, both natural and artificial so that the kitchen does not become too dark.

You can use dark colors such as dark blue or dark green instead of black, which combines well with metal.

Keep in mind that in designing your kitchen, try not to use too many dark colors and combine them with light color elements. This creates a beautiful contrast in the kitchen.

In conclusion

The introduced attractive colors can create an excellent combination for your kitchen. Although the color of the kitchen is quite tasteful, you may like it to be the newest colors of the year, so you can choose one of the color combination ideas introduced.

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