Renovation6 Fabulous Room Addition Ideas for Your Orange County Home in 2021

Do you require more space in your house? Instead of looking for a new place, you can consider room addition. There is a big undertaking to remodel a home, but room additions come in a few basic types, which can help inspire your home improvement project. You can boost your home’s value and extend its square footage with a room addition. The range of room addition is vast, from low-cost DIY sunrooms to expensive full-sized conventional additions. The cost of the addition is up to you.

In some cases, the cost of room addition will be more than the cost of the main house itself. Based in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, CA, FBR Construction provides various services, including room addition. Here you can find some room additions that influence your makeover plans.



1. Glass Sunroom

A supplemental living area is a sunroom which is an additional room to the side of the house. Usually, the central part of the house is closed off from the sunrooms with doors. Sunrooms are not a substitution for a conventional addition. Sunrooms are often made of prefabricated materials like aluminum and thermal-resistant glass. They are smaller than full-size additions and assembled on-site.

It is also possible to build the sunroom with lumber, concrete, and other materials that are used to build the house itself. The result of this remodeling is a living area that is built solidly and matches the current home visually. It would be best to consider that the sunrooms are never used in permanent sleeping areas and that the kitchen and bathroom will not be installed there. Besides, it is not required to install heating or air conditioning in sunrooms.

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2. Room Addition or Bump out

You can build a single-room structure onto the side of your house. This has single functionality, such as a bathroom or bedroom. Sometimes the purpose of the expansion is just to have a bigger room in the existing house. Or even to add 50 square feet to the current kitchen. You can also add some more feet to your dining room to have a comfortable area for eating and socializing.

A new roofline is required for room additions, and it can have a shed style or flat roof. They should perform according to permits, inspectors, and the building codes. So they are not cheap, but cheaper than full-size conventional addition.

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3. Adding second bathroom

One of the best investments for the ones who live in an old house is adding a bathroom. Generally, people add the new bathroom off the master bedroom, which creates a master suite addition. However, you can build the bathroom of any part of the house. According to “Remodeling Magazine” a mid-range bathroom addition costs about $49,000, while the renovation of the existing bathroom costs $21,000. Foundation and framework have the main cost. Along with flooring, electrical, and plumbing, you will require a toilet, a shower, a sink. Your interior design shows if you need a tub.

Whether you are in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, CA, FBR Construction offers you the best second bathroom addition design.


4. Garage Conversion

You may find better use for your attached garage if you live in an area with mild weather. For many homeowners converting a garage into a living space is affordable and accessible. You already have the basic structure like walls, foundation, concrete flooring, and roof. Even electricity is already there, and some garages also have drywall which is less of a task to do.

A mid-sized garage has enough space to be converted to a luxury master suite, including a bathroom. You have this option to use the garage space for a guest suite or mother-in-law apartment. The garage conversion costs between $7,500 and $10,000, depending on what you want to do. If you are going to replace the garage doors with a new wall or French doors, your cost will increase as well as its value.

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5. New Mudroom

For the homeowner who lives in a wet, muddy, and snowy four-season region, it is inconvenient not to have a mudroom. FBR construction helps you solve this problem without the need to add a new foundation. It is possible to simply enclose the available rear porch; thus, you will require zero changes to the original footprint of the home. Usually, the new window of the mudroom and the glass back door brings natural light to space.

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6. Master Bedroom Addition Connect to The Deck

With high vaulted ceilings covered in the wood panel, this rustic master bedroom is building an addition. Multiple functionalities are offered with a sizable glass door. This oversized door joint to the deck and every morning brings sunlight to the room. Based in Rancho Santa Margarita and Mission Viejo, FBR Construction provides you with a fantastic master bedroom addition. Schedule for a free consultation today.






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