Remodeling7 reasons you should know about home remodeling or home rebuilding in 2021?


Homes have time spins and do not last forever. Many of the current houses were built many years ago for a very different generation, which also had completely different expectations in any aspect of life, such as comfort, lifestyle, and energy efficiency. Generally, these houses have smaller rooms and no central heating system.

The main and obvious factor that affects your decision is your budget. You want the best return for your investment. Based in Rancho Santa Margarita, Orange County, CA, FBR Construction is honored to provide you home remodeling and home rebuilding services.

To find the differences between home remodeling and home rebuilding, you need to clarify the below terms:

  • Contents


  • Contractor needs

  • Financing

  • Permits


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1) Period Of The Projects:

When you make home remodeling vs. home rebuilding decisions, you should remember that rebuilds are generally much more significant projects and take longer.

“Home additions, converting to an open floor plan, changing the configuration of a kitchen or bathroom, or digging out a basement are all extensive projects that are best left to an experienced design-build remodeling company,” Larry Greene, an Indianapolis-based remodeling expert, explained.


Rebuilding is a large project with different stages which address severe structural problems with a home. Therefore, you need to have multiple professionals to help manage each phase of the project: design to permitting and then demolishing to construct.

Sometimes, tearing down inefficient homes and properties provides a brilliant investment in the long run.

However, your cosmetic wish list, like installing a beautiful backsplash for your kitchen, is a part of home remodeling.

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2) Benefits Of Remodeling

Home Remodeling allows you to keep the original details of your historic home, such as wooden floors, crown molding, and antique fixtures.

While remodeling your home, to match the look and feel of the old materials, the contractors can reuse materials or find new ones.

Remodeling is often suitable for the homeowners who feel attached to the charm, history, and character of their old homes. On the other hand, if you consider the energy efficiency of an old house to a new place, it can make more sense to rebuild the house.

In-home rebuilding, you may change all or part of a home to comply with the guidelines from the Department of Energy. These guidelines suggest installing energy-efficient windows, appliances, and insulation. If your home is more than 75 years old, this solution is cost-effective.

Homeowners will have more opportunities to invest in clean energy when they do home rebuilding for energy efficiency. Read here to learn more about how to upgrade your property for improving energy efficiency.

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3) How Much Do You Want To Spend?

Home remodeling is always the best decision if your budget is limited. The point is managing your money according to your needs and resources. If your time and budget allow, it is an excellent decision to start by bathroom remodeling then move to other rooms of your home.

The alternative to home remodeling is the home rebuilding option which is all or nothing. After demolishing as a first step, you are committed to building the new home as you are left with a vacant lot. Therefore, it is vital to fund the project before starting. If you don’t finance yourself, you should talk to your mortgage provider before any firm commitments.

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4) Fix Big Structural Problem With Rebuilding

Occasionally, after an earthquake or a storm, your home structure could be damaged. Of course, this is a major issue on your property. “Home rebuilding is most likely the way to go.” So says Richard Frazao, the president of Quaketek, a company that designs earthquake protection materials. “In some cases, a home that was designed and built before new earthquake laws can have significant structural damage after an earthquake occurs,” Frazao explained. “In those cases, it is often more economical to start from scratch.”

After the storm damage, generally, homeowners have little choice when they should choose between home remodeling vs. home rebuilding. However, the only way to make your home safe and sound again could be rebuilding. Read this blog to learn to keep your property safe and prevent significant damage during storm season.Please fill in the form to request your desired service.


5) Remodeling Is Moving Faster

The time it takes for permits to move through local channels makes the significant difference between home remodeling vs. home rebuilding. Generally, remodeling needs exterior work; therefore, the contractors must follow fewer permits, inspections, regulations. It causes your project’s timeline to speed up.

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6) Living Condition Needs Consideration

The positive point of most home remodeling projects is that you can still occupy the place during work. Convenient and cost-saving are the benefits of remodeling compared to rebuilding. However, during remodeling, you should pay attention to the safety issues regarding children and pets.

You and your family will require a temporary living place to tear down and build a new house entirely during construction. If you decide to rebuild your home, you should also consider the extra costs of moving out from your home for several months.

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7) Be aware of Zoning Restrictions.

Zone laws govern the size, type, and location of buildings on any property. There is a restriction in urban and suburban areas that homes should rebuild based on the original house’s footprint. It means that you cannot tear down a small house and rebuild a mansion. The height of a new home may also restrict by zone laws. So there are two limitations; one- or two-story structure and the old footprint. Before beginning the work, whether for home remodeling or home rebuilding, make sure to investigate zoning and permitting laws in your city or county.

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