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Attic remodeling is a kind of service that when we offer to our clients, they always get surprised by how it could be one of the most overlooked areas at home. Attics are often forgotten except to store old or useless stuff, old boxes, and keepsakes. They have a lot of potential when it comes to remodeling by creating more living space, though. FBR Construction always has outstanding attic remodeling ideas as well as different solutions for challenges that most attics remodels face. We offer all kinds of services at FBR Construction such as Attic Remodeling Design, Remodeling ideas, and Attic remodeling flooring.

At FBR Construction we always think outside the box, and we never limit ourselves to common attic remodeling ideas like simple lofts or simple renovation. Here’s a list of some popular attic remodeling projects involving attic spaces:

Adding More Windows: by making more space indoors and opening up the attic to high ceilings, we also make room to add bigger windows which let more light come into your home.

Extra Bedrooms: If your attic ceiling is tall enough, we can turn it to a bedroom, guest bedroom, or bedrooms for children and teens. Of course, it’s easier said than done because you need to provide ventilation, cooling system, or even piping. However, our professional remodeling team at FBR Construction will take care of these challenges like Attic Wiring, Attic Fan, Attic Cooling, Attic Heating, and Attic Windows.

Playrooms: Playrooms for children are a perfect idea for attic remodeling. Attic playrooms create a cozy and friendly place for children to get away from adults; needless to say, that attic playrooms are ideal for keeping toys and messes out of sight.

Lofts and Office Space: As said at the beginning, the simplest yet useful attic remodeling idea is transferring to a loft, which is a great use of attic space

There are some challenges when it comes to attic remodeling. We always insist that the first one to consider is the ceiling height, which must be at least 5 feet to be the absolute minimum height for usable space.  We always take steps to make sure that your new attic space has sufficient headroom and even fire exits to pass building codes for bedrooms or not.

It means that before remodeling your attic our experts at FBR measure the place to find out whether the conversion with the new roofing system and ductless heating and cooling system will work out or not.

The second challenge you may face is whether your attic floor can support a usable living space. You’ll surely need a stairway to get your new attic, so you must plan space accordingly. There are a couple of attic stairway ideas. Depending on your attic space, we always decide what to offer, for instance, spiral staircases, which can save room. If your attic remodel doesn’t have bedrooms, then ladders are also an option.

FBR Construction, with over 25 years of experience in remodeling and renovation, will cover everything related to your attic remodeling such as wiring, plumbing, flooring, window, ventilation, cooling, and heating systems, painting, and ductwork. We let you know whether your attic is an appropriate candidate for remodeling in the first place.

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