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When I think of modern kitchen designs, Frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, strong horizontal lines, the inherent beauty of the materials comes through my mind. A modern kitchen design, however, requires more than simply a few streamlined pieces of equipment. The key to style, like with most things, is in the details. The necessary features may transform your orange county kitchen into a genuinely spectacular multi-functional and modern environment. Here are some must-have accessories that will improve the appearance of your modern kitchen designs.

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Geometry In modern kitchen designs

We’re not talking about mathematics here, Although, if you want to include one of the most important aspects that distinguish modern kitchen designs, you may need to relive your school days to some degree. Floral tiles and abstract motifs are no longer popular… Instead, the major trends are angles, curves, circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds, globes, and boxes. Geometric patterns like these are now included in the design of our orange county kitchens, whether they are shown on lighting fixtures, furniture, worktops, wall décor, or windows. But, of course, it’s up to you how far you take the concept. You may keep it basic with a geometric backsplash or make it the room’s focal point with a striking diamond tiled floor.


Industrial Elements modern kitchen designs

While cozy, comfortable kitchens are still prevalent, the industrial aesthetic is gaining popularity for a modern kitchen design. There’s something about the unadorned elements of industrial details that are instantly modern.

The simplest and most common method to get the appearance is using stainless steel appliances, which have the bonus of being high quality, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. These appliances are readily available in stainless steel, such as cooktops, stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, vent hoods, and faucets. To keep the futuristic concept going, opt for appliances that have intelligent control panels.


Sleekness in modern kitchen designs

Instead of fussy, decorative finishing touches or bar-shaped hardware, go for smooth, clean lines in stainless steel, brushed nickel, or chrome. Fussy is out, and sleek is unquestionably in. The minimalistic appearance should be reflected in every detail: avoid cabinet door knobs in favor of simple handles, and whatever furniture you add should be clean, sleek, and Modern, a few bar stools in a fuss-free style or clean-cut leather seats are excellent.


Modern kitchen designs Inspired by Nature


There was previously a clear boundary between the outdoors and the interiors. But we are now witnessing a trend toward creating an extended living environment that merges inside and the outdoors. While we don’t recommend planting a tree in your kitchen, Look for ways to incorporate natural elements into your décor whenever available. This might include the addition of plants and the use of natural materials whenever possible. Stripped wooden floors, polished or flamed granite worktops, and wooden cabinets are excellent methods to get a modern aesthetic, incorporating glass into cabinet inserts, shelving, and light fixtures.


Wood Work for your Nature Inspired Modern Kitchen


Horizontal Lines in modern kitchen designs


Horizontal lines are popular in modern orange county kitchens. Keep everything linear for a contemporary look, whether it’s workplaces, layouts, flooring, backsplashes, or tile accents.

Horizontal lines tend to elongate and extend, giving the kitchen a broader sense and linking it with the home’s main living spaces.


Colors in modern kitchen designs

Change the colors you’ve been looking at for years with new, high-quality paint in modern tones that’ll go well with the color of your furniture and tiles. You may use any color schemes you like for this design. Still, according to color psychology, it is recommended to use bright, cheerful hues such as red, orange, and green in a kitchen to give the area a resonant and energetic look. If you don’t want to utilize them on bigger surfaces, shades of yellow and red, for example, are fantastic for making things stand out. Smaller amounts might be used on accessories, flowers, or paintings. Gentle hues such as grey, pastel blue, cream, and white also work well. Furthermore, monochromatic effects are pretty popular, while high gloss colors have a bigger impact.


The Island

When a massive kitchen table dominated the room is gone, the tables are no longer used (or have been considerably reduced in size) and replaced by enormous, multi-functional islands. Islands are an excellent way to provide more cooking, prep, and dining space while maintaining the clean, pulled-together style at the core of modern kitchen designs. In addition, children may use the island to layout their schoolwork, while parents can prepare the evening meal. Meanwhile, the space previously allocated to the standalone kitchen table is now commonly employed as a seating area.


Lack of ornamentation in modern kitchen designs

Always a hallmark of modern kitchen designs, this is frequently where contemporary and modern divide. For example, in a contemporary kitchen, you could find patterned tile forms or different materials with texture, color, and gloss; you won’t see much of that in modern kitchen designs.


Layered Lighting in modern kitchen designs

Previously, lighting in the kitchen was often restricted to a single central overhead light. However, a single pendant hanging over the kitchen island will no longer suffice, with the kitchen becoming more multi-functional. Multi-layered lighting allows different portions of the space to be used for various activities is trendy. such as resting in the sitting area, preparing meals at the kitchen island, or completing schoolwork at the table)Suppose you’re still relying on your primary light fixture for all of your lighting needs. In that case, a few accent lights and task lighting elements may make a massive impact on both the look and functionality of your kitchen.


Full cabinetry

Full cabinetry is currently the go-to solution for storage space due to its unique function and beauty. The minimalist concept continues here: seek white wood cabinets (mahogany and walnut are excellent alternatives) with full overlay slab panel door and drawer fronts.


Open Shelving in modern kitchen designs

Is all this chatter about updating your kitchen cabinets causing you a headache? Instead, opt for the sleek open-shelf design. An essential thing to remember about open shelving is that its goods will add to the overall aesthetic. So, if you want modern-looking open shelving, make sure you put modern-looking goods on your shelves.



When it comes to modern kitchen designs, less is more, and you won’t find crowded counters or fancy decorations. Instead, individuality is introduced into the area through functional elements. Additional storage is incorporated into the design to avoid clutter from developing on the benchtops and provide space for small appliances.


Eco-friendly and energy-efficient elements

Eco-friendly features are frequently found in modern kitchen designs. Becoming green has been a fashionable trend in recent years. Bamboo components, reclaimed wood flooring, and energy-efficient appliances are among them.


Smart Appliances in modern kitchen designs

Did you know that your iPhone can operate a wide range of smart appliances? For example, this means you can begin preheating the oven while still upstairs! Some recipes, such as this one found on Whirlpool, may even be scanned, and your range automatically adapts to the proper settings.

Take it a step further by purchasing app-controlled bulbs for your new light fixtures, which you can brighten up your kitchen with a swipe of your finger. Your phone can sometimes even regulate the temperature in your house. In any case, link all of your appliances to your phone, and you’ll feel like you’re living in a genuinely modern kitchen in no time!


Final Words On Modern Kitchen Designs

The fact is that updating a kitchen entails much more than simply getting a new smart fridge. If you want to have modern kitchen designs in your house, you must incorporate several elements from this list. But once you do, you’ll be so taken with the conveniences of your new kitchen that you’ll be sorry you didn’t invest the money to update it sooner! So, if you live in Orange County and are considering adding a modern style to your kitchen or bath renovation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for additional information. We’d be pleased to go through different modern components with you and help you determine if this is the kitchen design for you.

What are you going to use from this list? Let us know in the comments!




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