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 Kitchen remodeling can be undertaken. Most of the people, just because of the mess of kitchen renovation, prefer to postpone kitchen remodeling. But you might have been thinking about updating your kitchen for a while. Sell we are here to tell you that it is possible to have a mess-free kitchen remodeling. Do you want to know how it’s time to read on?

Your general contractor might know a couple of ways to avoid more mess; you just have to ask the right question


How are you going to manage expectations?

The most important thing is to be prepared for kitchen remodeling. How long does it take to renovate your kitchen? You should think it through and on to sleep aid where and how you were going to prepare your meal during the modeling phase. If you’re planning to order takeout, be careful with your budget. We all know that the kitchen remodeling project normally takes longer than it is expected. So you should be ready for the work may extend for a longer period of time.

You can try to make a temporary kitchen in your bedroom or any other part of your home. So move your oven and everything you need for cooking. 

It is a good idea to get rid of anything you don’t use and put everything you need into your temporary kitchen. You might find stuff that you can donate or even sell. Now you have a temporary kitchen that will make kitchen remodeling bearable. Now it’s time to be realistic. There is going to be a mess, so you should be prepared mentally.

Choosing the best place to set up your temporary catering?

A Kitchen remodeling project can take up to 3 months. So it is really important to choose the best place to set up your temporary kitchen. You are going to need water and electricity, so it is better to choose a place that is near to plumbing and an electrical outlet. Considering the needs, the laundry room or the basement would be the best option for setting off your temporary kitchen. The most important thing in choosing a location for your temporary kitchen is to keep it as much as possible away from the kitchen remodel. Because there is going to be a lot of dust flying around, and they are people walking in and out, so you can prepare a proper meal in such a situation. 

Choose any specific part of your home, and try to be organized. It is better not to have carpet in your temporary kitchen. Because there might be spills, and you don’t want to bother yourself with a tool much cleaning up.

Keep your kids out of the way 

 Starting a kitchen remodeling means you don’t have a kitchen for a while, and it is enough to have stress about getting everything right. You don’t have to be boring about your kids, so it is better to keep them in the loop. 

Talk about the whole process with your children, tell them how everything is going to be during the kitchen remodel process. Tell them everything and make sure they know if anything changes in the plan. Try to involve them as much as you can, ask them about the favorite color for the kitchen or whether they like subway tile better or glass tile?

Try to make a renovation project fun. Making a temporary kitchen can be like camping out. Keep them occupied why there are workers in your house. Set boundaries and tell your children where they can and can’t be.

Where are your pets?

 Pets are just like your kids, so you have to set boundaries for your pets too. Make sure they can’t be in the construction zone. And don’t forget to introduce your pet to the contractors, so they know they are safe having all these strangers in the home 

Prepare the staging area

Before starting your kitchen renovation project, it is really good to prepare a place to put your raw materials and debris. If you have an outdoor place, you can keep this stuff out there and keep it away from your kids and your family. But if you don’t have an outdoor space, it is better to consult with your contractor company for a disposal protocol in your area.

Make room

 One of the most important things you have to do is to turn off the electrical and water supply in your kitchen. Then you have to empty the space and find a place to store kitchen items. You can put everything in boxes and stored them in another room.

Clear out the walls of your kitchen

 You might need to turn down one of the valves in your kitchen and move their prayers to the staging area. So it is much easier to have a kitchen remodeling when there is nothing on the walls. The walls of your kitchen should be clear of any type of furniture and fixture.

Wrapping up 

After doing all the above steps, you are ready to survive your kitchen renovation. The more you are prepared for the kitchen project, the more bearable it will be. You can live a normal life and wait for a beautiful result. Remember, you deserve to spend a night in a hotel or out for a night. So if it’s too much for you, take a break and spend some time away from the construction. We have talked about everything you can do to survive a kitchen remodeling with less mess. But don’t forget not everything is up to you. The contractor business you are going to choose for kitchen remodeling plays a huge role in the whole process. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here not to just make a beautiful home in Orange County for you but to make kitchen remodeling a great memory for you.


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