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Home Remodeling is to change the structure, form, or model of a building. If you live in the Orange County area, and your place is spacious, you are tired of your home’s old and dull design; maybe it’s time for some fundamental structural change. Depending on the remodeling idea you would like to use, you have to add or demolish. Remember that you would like to employ new ideas. You have to change some appliances, even working well, like pipes, sinks, vanities, cabinets, windows, doors, etc.


Popular choices here include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, basement and attic remodeling, a room addition. Lofts, second floor downstairs layouts are options as well.

From kitchen & bathroom remodels to full custom homes, you can rely on our experienced remodeling team and perfect craft: Serving Orange County, areas in South California such as Irvine, Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Ranch Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon, Coto de Casa, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills and Laguna Niguel.


Here at FBR Construction, depending on what kind of remodeling you are considering, there are some distinct stages we may go through: Planning, Budgeting, Demolition/Construction (if necessary), and Clean up. 

Our professional remodeling team at FBR Construction will always take care of everything. We also think green by using eco-friendly building materials and energy-efficient appliances. Here we stay extremely organized when we are beginning a remodeling project or home addition. We always predict every possible problem to save time and, of course, the budget.


Consulting our remodeling designers may widen your vision and drive you to live in a house you have always dreamed of. Looking at our remodeling projects on our website might be helpful for you.

Kitchen Remodeling
It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and life happens in the kitchen. As you spend so much time there preparing your meal, spending quality time with family and friends. So, your kitchen is prone to wear and tear more than other rooms.
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom Remodeling doesn’t need to be a hassle anymore if you live in Orange County, California. Remodeling your bathroom can bring your home a whole new level of luxury. If you’re looking for a bathroom remodeling company in Orange County to revive your bathroom, well, look no further than FBR Construction.
Flooring Remodeling
In flooring remodeling we always consider this old saying: “Foot is your second heart”

If you are thinking about flooring remodeling, do not hesitate a second, as it doesn’t only transfer your old house to look stunningly beautiful, but also it is an investment in the value of your property. Let our expert flooring remodeling team help you find the perfect new flooring that will make your house the home you have always dreamed of.
Attic Remodeling
Attic remodeling is a kind of service that when we offer to our clients, they always get surprised by how it could be one of the most overlooked areas at home. Attics are often forgotten except to store old or useless stuff, old boxes, and keepsakes. They have a lot of potential when it comes to remodeling by creating more living space, though. FBR Construction always has outstanding attic remodeling ideas as well as different solutions for challenges that most attics remodels face. We offer all kinds of services at FBR Construction such as Attic Remodeling Design, Remodeling ideas, and Attic remodeling flooring.
Basement Remodeling
Why remodeling your basement? One of the easiest and the most practical ways to remodel your home is to use the space you already have. Most basements are dark and damp places where we usually store old toys, sporting equipment, and things we don’t use anymore.

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