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Subway tile, which first appeared in the New York subway system over a century ago, has remained timeless and flexible. These tiles have been used in residential and commercial properties for many years and have recently been updated to fit the current market’s aesthetic sensibilities.

Subway tiles are now available in various colors, sizes, textures, and forms. Choosing from all of these possibilities might be difficult. Don’t worry! This blog post offers all you need to know about these classic tiles so you can make an informed purchase with ease. So let’s jump right in.


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How Subway Tiles Became Popular


Did you ever wonder how subway tiles came to be? The story started underground. New York City planners were getting ready to open the city’s first subway station series in 1904. They were concerned that visitors would be unfamiliar with it and could be afraid of the dark, underground places. So they approached two architects, Christopher Grant La Farge and George C. Heins, searching for a creative solution.

The architects were tasked with creating a surface that was safe, comfortable, and familiar to people who would be using the metro for the first time and easy to maintain. The slightly curved glossy tiles appeared to be the ideal – and only – answer. They were a massive hit because they did exactly what they were designed to do.

Subway Tile


Is Subway Tile Still Popular?


Subway tile began to emerge in various transit centers worldwide after its introduction in 1904 in New York. Its clean look and health advantages were quickly used in areas where hygiene was a priority, such as kitchens and toilets. Today, subway tile’s popularity continues to grow.


“Is subway tile a trend?” is frequently asked of us. While the enormous popularity of this tile pattern may make you question whether it’s simply another passing fad, the fact that it’s been around for so long is a strong indication that it isn’t. Despite its long history, subway tile is still a popular choice for home and business owners alike.

The question then is, why is subway tile so popular? This can only be attributed to the subway tile’s inherent timeless nature. Simple rectangular tiles in plain white and a simple configuration are what make this subway tile design stand out.

Subway Tile


How to Select the Right Subway Tiles?


Subway tiles have tight grout joints and crisp lines and may be used in both simplistic and complex patterns. If you’re thinking of using subway tiles in your home, here are a few ideas:

Subway tile


Edges and Finish

What is the use of investing money if the final product isn’t of high quality? Beautiful finishes are available for ceramic subway tiles. You can choose the tile’s finish quality according to your preferences. There are a variety of materials available, ranging from glossy and polished to matte and stained.

When it comes to the edge of the tiles, you must match them to the area where they will be installed. Ceramic subway tiles come in various edges to suit your needs and preferences.


Experiment with different sizes.

Subway tiles have traditionally been 3 inches by 6 inches in size. Many different sizes, however, are now available. These include the ultra-slim, contemporary 2 inch x 10 inch shape and the more oversized, broader 9 inch × 18 inch design. So if you want to create a trendy, modern design in your bathroom, larger subway tiles can be used.


Experiment with Different colors.

While subway tiles were once exclusively available in white, they are now available in a broad range of colors and textures, enhancing their aesthetic and functional value. Color choices allow you to personalize the tiles to match your chosen theme. While white is a terrific choice, you can also use different colors to give your interior space a contemporary feel. Pick a good color and texture combination to give your bathroom some individuality and flair.


The Layout of Tiles

Traditionally, subway tiles have been laid horizontally. This is not to say that you can’t utilize them in different layouts or orientations. In reality, a vertical arrangement provides any interior space with a remarkably contemporary feel. It not only lengthens the apparent height of your bathroom walls but also adds aesthetic appeal to the area.


Make Sure Your Grout Is Right

There are many ways to use grout. First, choose a contrasting color to make the grout stand out as a highlight. What’s the result? The grid-like appearance of the walls creates a more emphasized and intensified texture. So, while deciding how to use your subway tiles, keep this in mind.



What will you examine first when choosing a tile for your interiors? Clearly, the material’s quality. Is that correct? We will evaluate the quality of each material we chose while investing our time and money in building a dream house. Ceramic is, to your surprise, one of the most popular materials for interior and outdoor walls since it is durable and easy to work with.


The Tiles’ Application

If you’re working with a tight budget, you’ll want to choose a tile that can be used in various settings. Ceramic Subway tiles are available in many patterns, styles, and forms. These many configurations make them suitable for a wide range of applications in your house.

Ceramic tile is a common choice that makes for a fantastic home design mix. You can use it to decorate your walls, floors, backsplashes, and even the exteriors of your home.



Various textures are available for subway tiles. For example, a mirrored subway tile can create a glowing effect because of its highly reflecting surface. Additional surface variations are available for other effects.


The Bottom Line

Having subway tiles in your house or any other interior area is a great choice. Examine all of your options and choose the kind, size, color, and pattern that best complements your house. It’s essential to understand your alternatives, whether you’re remodeling your home or building a new home. After all, you are investing a significant sum of money and should make the most of it. In your house or other property, tiles may make all the difference. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want professional assistance. We are always available to assist you!





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