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5 Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips, small bathroom, FBR Construction

If you reside in Orange County and want to remodel your small bathroom, you better read these five bathroom remodeling tips. Small bathrooms can make your remodeling ideas and choices seem limited. You may feel your hands are tied to make your dream bathroom come true. There are many innovative bathroom remodeling ideas and tricks to turn your tiny bathroom into a highly functional, practical, and of course, your dream bathroom. From the Color paint you use, the storage and shower options you pick, to the bathtub and furniture. There are many affordable ideas that here at FBR, our bathroom remodeling experts offer. We offer choices to make the most of your minimal space.

  1. Showers

A glass walk-in shower has many advantages. It makes a view of the entire bathroom look open and airy. Sometimes, a shower with a non-standard shape may open up the room. But, there are other ways to use glass, such as adding a glass block or a window to bring in sunlight or even a mirror to create an illusion of more space.


  1. Color

There’s no question that it’s easy to start feeling claustrophobic in small bathrooms. Did you know that the colors you choose are vital for creating a relaxing atmosphere? Neutral colors work best, along with patterns featuring neutral tones.

Grays, Off-whites, beiges, and cream colors in combinations play the same role as a mirror and can add depth to your bathroom.

You don’t have to use the Color necessary with paint. You can showcase it with bathroom tiles, rugs, hand towels, bathrobes, soap dishes, and other accessories or furniture. They can add to the ambiance as well. You can paint accent colors on the door and mirror frame or the wall trim. Our house painting experts here at FBR Construction will always share their painting ideas with you.


  1. Furniture

Bathroom furnishings ideas and designs for sure can make your small bathroom look more spacious. There are some great ideas for your small bathroom ranging from vanities to other creative ideas such as using small wine barrels, holding toiletries, and cleaning products. Shelving plays a crucial role, as well. It can include floating shelves, built-in units to make furniture and other installations more space-efficient. If your space is limited, you can try under-sink storage. You can find room for your towels and toiletries here.

Other furniture ideas we offer for small bathroom remodeling might include:

  • Vanity drawer storage
  • Flush-mount, medicine cabinets
  • Cube shelving units
  • Wall-mounted magazine racks
  • Cabinets configured for long, narrow bathrooms
  • Vessel sinks
  1. Bathtub

If your bathroom’s space is not tall enough for a shower, you can opt for a freestanding bathtub along with a bath shower. It’s the perfect excuse to spend your time lounging in the bathtub. A walk-in shower with frameless panels looks and shines like a pearl. 

The bathtub in this style is always smaller than standard but perfect for kids. White marble for the wall tiles gives the small space a glamorous look.


  1. Storage Options

In small bathrooms, finding room for storage is always a challenge. However, our remodeling team will offer: Don’t stuff everything you own into cramped cabinets. You can utilize open shelving, but here are some other practical storage ideas like:

  • Floating shelves
  • Storage ladders for containers
  • Storage racks inside vanity doors
  • Stacked wooden crates
  • Step stools with storage to accommodate soaps and bath products
  • Sink skirts to make hidden storage under the pedestal
  • Floor-to-ceiling toilet paper storage

Functionality and storage will work together. You can use stackable baskets under the cabinet, put the hamper under the sink, store your stuff rather than leaving them on the counter.

Based in Orange County, C.A, we serve customers across Southern California with all bathroom remodeling types. We’re here with you from start to finish and walk with you in your dream home. Our expert team handles all the work. For getting help with small bathroom design ideas and remodeling, don’t hesitate to call us, take our quote, or fill our form today. We also service areas like Irvine, Mission Viejo, Ranch Santa Margarita, Coto de Casa, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Foothill Ranch, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Lake Forest.

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